Going Toxin Free When Your Partner Has Zero Interest

I adore my husband and I love married life. He is handsome, smart, kind and this morning for work I saw him heat up his food in a pot, groomed himself with completely toxin free products and happily walk out the door with his reusable coffee cup and stainless steel lunch box. Now thats what I call love!

I get lots of messages about the inability to make toxin free changes because a partner is not on board and I get emails wanting to know the spell that I put on my husband to conjure up the perfect supportive man. So I thought I’d let you in on a little secret.

James wasn’t always on board. Can you imagine just out of the blue your partner asks you to rid your life of toxins. I’m pretty sure he was thinking where is that ‘normal’ person I was dating all those years ago?! And I get it, I totally do. It takes time for people to make adjustments to their lives and break a lifetime of habit. I didn’t just make the decision to go toxin free in one day. It read lots of articles, I researched, I witnessed someone become ill from the effects of chemical exposure and I understood the health benefits before I decided to go all in. Don’t get me wrong, there are days when things get a little heated because he reaches for an old product out of habit and I cant understand it, but after a couple of minutes I can see how far he has come and he can see how I just want better for us. I also see that he chooses to listen and learn even when he doesn’t really have any interest. And he backs me 150% every single time.

For anyone struggling with their partner when it comes to toxin free living, I thought letting you see it from another perspective might help you through this cross road. So I interviewed James. He was super nervous about this whole thing, not really the get me in the spotlight kinda guy, so show him a little love.

What did you think when I started removing anything ‘toxic’ from our lives? I actually thought you had lost the plot, but I knew it was going to be a good thing.

How was living toxin free with me in the beginning? There was no real change to my life at all. Until you took my deodorant and washing powder. ‘Laughs’. It took a while to find a deodorant that worked well as a replacement but with trial and error we got there. And I struggled with not having my clothes smelling like they did before when they come out of the wash. 

How far into toxin free living did you start warming up to the idea? I was happy to go along from the beginning, it never was an issue for me, I just used what you purchased for us as I did before and slowly adjusted.

What toxin free things do you participate or not participate in and why? I participate in everything I think. Well almost. I still drink tap water and I have a microwave in my office which we don’t at home.

Whats your favourite thing about toxin free living now? I know it’s good for my health and for our children. I know how much they will benefit.

What been your least favourite thing about toxin free living? Losing a microwave, adjusting to plant milk and losing convenience with certain things - Eating only fresh foods. We can’t buy our 'health foods' and toxin free products at the supermarket, we have to shop online. Heating up food in a pot or oven which takes time and effort when I could just zap in the microwave. Very small things like this. None are bad reasons but it’s not always the most convenient if that makes sense.


How much toxin free living would you do if I wasn’t apart of your life? Hmmm probably none. It’s just not something I care enough about. Although if the products were easier to find I would choose them.

Have you ever felt pressured to live toxin free? 100% - but I’m grateful for it.

My advice is educate yourself and then educate them - and be very patient. Even though we have some of the biggest lifestyle differences we still love each other so much. Why? Because we respect each other. He respects my choices even if they don’t 100% align with his. And without the respect the whole thing unravels. We compromise - If I can find a replacement product that works just as well as the one before, he’s on board. He’s happy and I am happy.

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  • Loved reading your blog.
    It’s been a slow process changed my my house hold from toxic products to non toxic having a husband in his 60’s who does not like change is secretly changing and he does not know it. Products in the house, food choices and personal products are being replaced and he has no idea.


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