Our Vision. Our Why.

We are on a journey to inspire others to switch their awareness to healthy, sustainable and natural alternatives.

To create a world free from single use products and packaging. These items tend to be used for only minutes, yet their impact upon our environment can last thousands of years.

To provide alternatives to a world that heavily relies on plastic and non biodegradable materials in every aspect of their lives. Today, about 300 million tonnes of plastic waste every year are produced, nearly equivalent to the weight of the entire human population

To educate others how to stay healthy while living in a toxic world. So many toxins roam the world we live in, making us vulnerable to their effect. Toxins are pervasive in our environment and in our bodies, and they are influencing human health.

We all deserve to live this life and the planet needs us now.

Creating this world is what it’s about. And you — our users — are driving this change.

Environmental impact


With every Earth Switch order we will include a 100% recycled and compostable seeded card embedded with Swan River Daisy seeds to show our gratitude for your conscious action towards a sustainable and healthier future.

By planting an array of these beautiful blooms we are creating sanctuaries of bee friendly flowers. Humans have contributed, in some way or another, to create, enable and excel bee population destruction. They are tired, they are sick and literally dropping dead. Our native bee and Swan River daisies have evolved with each other for millions of years. Collectively we could add thousands of acres for our ever so important pollinators to call home. So we wish for you to ground these seeds and be apart of a daisy revolution.

Find a perfect spot in the sun
Place card on ground
Cover with layer of Earth
Sprinkle daily
Whisper some words of love
Tag your sprout


528 tampons or 1 cup.

3 kilos or 30 grams. Unlike disposable period products, the OrganiCup is reusable for years and it has a minimal impact on the environment compared to tampons and pads.

Cultural impact

Periods are taboo everywhere until periods are taboo nowhere.

To this day periods are still surrounded by silence, myths and taboos across nearly all cultures. This attitude towards periods is greatly due to lack of knowledge. Not being able to ask questions about how to manage periods or the different period products can lead to shame and affect the way one feels about themselves and their body. It’s important to create positive environments that can foster this conversation – involving not only girls but also boys from early on, in order to avoid perpetuating stigmas.

Breaking barriers together with our community and partners.

We believe, it’s important to break the silence by raising awareness and supporting the efforts to destigmatize periods and challenge that cultural taboo. For this reason, the partners we support and the platforms we’ve built focus on elevating the conversation about periods and our bodies. We don’t shy away from saying ‘period’ or ‘menstruation’ or using red liquid instead of blue. We aim to use this positive environment to inform and interact with our community in an interesting, down-to-earth and truthful manner.

Social impact

Period poverty: The overlooked global issue.

Accessibility to period products in developing countries has for long been a known issue and girls have had to use make-shift solutions to manage their periods. What’s more, in recent years, it’s been brought to the world’s attention that period poverty is also very present in developed countries. No matter where, lack of access to period products limit girls and women from living their daily lives and exercising their basic rights – such as getting an education, going to work or even socializing. To tackle period poverty, we need to address the issue at hand by providing those in need with a sustainable way of managing their periods.

We believe access to safe and hygienic period products should be a basic human right.

That is why we take it as our mission to provide a sustainable and scalable solution to end period poverty. Together with our partner NGOs both in developing and developed countries, we aim to ensure those in need receive proper education about menstrual health and have access to period products.

Map of our partners

Selected partners

1% of all sales are donated to 3 non for profit charities dedicated to helping the planet 🌎

Coastal rubbish and debris washed onto Australian beach

Positive Change For Marine Life

Positive change for marine life focuses on educating and empowering communities, businesses, consumers and countries to take action to clean up and preserve our oceans. They have developed long term initiatives which aim to decrease the amount of debris and pollution entering our oceans. Through their campaigns such as "Don't be a sucker" and have successfully shifted numerous business owners towards reducing single use plastics. By reducing single use plastics at the source (the industry), positive change for marine life has made huge head way in reducing the overall environmental impact on our oceans... and thats only ONE of their campaigns! 

Learn more about Positive Change For Marine Life

1 Million Women

1 Million women is an Organisation made up of strong, inspirational women and girls from every corner of the planet, building a lifestyle revolution to help fight the climate crisis. In Australia and around the world, women make 85% of the consumer decisions that affect the household carbon footprint. 1 Million Women have created a mass movement, educating and empowering women to be climate warriors through their daily choices.

Learn more about 1 Million Women

Ugandan girls getting ready for a netball match


 WoMena are passionate about addressing social issues in Africa related to gender, reproductive health and menstrual management. Menstruation can be a life restricting monthly event for women and girls and negatively impact on daily activities and self esteem. Millions of girls living in Uganda skip 20% of the school year because they can not afford sanitary products when they menstruate, depending on makeshift items. WoMena are working across countries to empower and educate communities to feel positively about their periods and not be held back from education and work opportunities. Menstrual health is fundamental to advancing human rights, education and gender equality.

Learn more about WoMena