Our Impact

1% of all sales are donated the 3 Non for profit charities below who are dedicated to helping the planet. You will personally choose at check out who you would like to donate 1% of your purchase to. 

1. Positive Change For Marine Life

Positive change for marine life focuses on educating and empowering communities, businesses, consumers and countries to take action to clean up and preserve our oceans. They have developed long term initiatives which aim to decrease the amount of debris and pollution entering our oceans. Through their campaigns such as "Don't be a sucker" and have successfully shifted numerous business owners towards reducing single use plastics. By reducing single use plastics at the source (the industry), positive change for marine life has made huge head way in reducing the overall environmental impact on our oceans... and thats only ONE of their campaigns! 

2. 1 Million Women

1 Million women is an Organisation made up of strong, inspirational women and girls from every corner of the planet, building a lifestyle revolution to help fight the climate crisis. In Australia and around the world, women make 85% of the consumer decisions that affect the household carbon footprint. 1 Million Women have created a mass movement, educating and empowering women to be climate warriors through their daily choices.

3. WoMena

WoMena are passionate about addressing social issues in Africa related to gender, reproductive health and menstrual management. Menstruation can be a life restricting monthly event for women and girls and negatively impact on daily activities and self esteem. Millions of girls living in Uganda skip 20% of the school year because they can not afford sanitary products when they menstruate, depending on makeshift items. WoMena are working across countries to empower and educate communities to feel positively about their periods and not be held back from education and work opportunities. Menstrual health is fundamental to advancing human rights, education and gender equality.