The Earth Switch Recycling Program

Before transitioning to a Zero Waste bathroom we had a real dilemma every time we finished a health & beauty product: Do we throw it in the trash or should it be taken to the kitchen to recycle? Lets just say we were wishful recyclers - when in doubt pop it in the recycle bin and hope for the best. We have now learnt this human error clogs up the entire system and is causing big issues in the recycling industry. Recycling is complicated in general, and it gets even trickier when you’re dealing with health & beauty products with a huge range of packaging and product materials.

This is why our recycling program was born. Now you can return your beauty & health product packaging back to us and we will get them to TerraCycle to ensure they are correctly recycled. In a nut shell TerraCycle can recycle ANYTHING and help to eliminate waste by recycling the non recyclable - so anything that's accepted in your kerbside recycling program is not able to be recycled with us. The products returned will be turned into bench seats, chairs and tables, Yey to that! In exchange for 10 non recyclable plastic product items and packaging, The Earth Switch will credit you $10.00 for loving the planet.

What you need to do!

Firstly - Fill a box that we have sent your products in (or another box) and begin filling it with empty beauty product tubes, bottles, pumps, sprayers, containers and packaging. Your containers must be clean and free of any residual products to adhere to our guidelines.

Secondly - Place a piece of paper into your box with your details. Name and email address will do the trick. Secure your box with tape and deliver your box to the post office with the following address -

The Earth Switch Recycling Program

75 Wilsons Rd, Little River,

Victoria 3211, Australia.

Thirdly - When we receive your box we will sort through the contents of 10 or more products and email you with confirmation and a $10.00 store credit. 

Please check the picture below for details on which items to return to us.


The Earth Switch Recycling Program Terms and Conditions

  1. If we sell it you can send the packaging back to us. 
  2. Can you drop your box off? Absolutely, we'd love to say hello. Feel free to grab your friends, families & neighbours recycling and drop it off too.
  3. Your used packaging MUST be clean.
  4. You are responsible for shipping costs (but we are returning the love with a $10 voucher).
  5. This offer is open to Australian residents only. 
  6. Refer to the "What can I recycle?" guidelines above to make sure your products can be returned to Terracycle. We're unable to accept products that don't meet these guidelines.
  7. If you send us 10 or more recyclable products we will send you a discount code (within a week of receiving your parcel) for the amount of $10.00 upon delivery of your parcel to use at checkout.
  8. When using your free product discount code there is a minimum order value of $20 (excluding your free item). 
  9. Packages must be clearly marked with sender's name and email address so we can return your code.
  10. We are not responsible for any packages lost or missing during transit.
  11. THANK YOU so, so much for caring about the Earth and helping to create positive change.