Australian Natural Soap Co Dish and Laundry soap 100g

Australian Natural Soap Co Dish and Laundry soap 100g

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The ANSC dish and laundry soap is multi purpose and provides all the benefits of all natural soap flakes in a convenient soap block. Great to take travelling so you have your natural essentials on hand. This bar is natural plant oil goodness and is all you need for cleaning on the go. Made with 100% biodegradable ingredients.


Natural plant oil. Made with 100% biodegradable ingredients.


For dishwashing: Grate down and add approximately a tablespoon to hot water. Stir vigorously to dissolve & create bubbles. Wash & rinse dishes as you would with any other dishwashing liquid. You can also apply directly to your dishes. To make a cleaning gel: Add equal portions of boiling water to grated down soap in a container and let sit for at least an hour to allow the flakes to dissolve. This thick paste is great for washing kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Use as you would a usual household cleaner.

For washing clothes: Grate down and add a tablespoon to your front loader and top loader directly to the load. Can be used in hot and cold water. Also great for hand washing where you can also apply directly to clothes. 


Ensure your soap is placed in a dish and not on the ledge of your sink.  Use something that encourages air flow to allow the Soap Bar to dry completely. If the bar is never fully dry it will continuously be in the process of 'melting'. If your dish soap doesn’t have groves to help with drainage, place some rocks on the bottom. This helps prevent it from getting a goopy bottom and the soap wasting away.