Cheeki Stainless Steel Drink Bottle 750ml

Cheeki Stainless Steel Drink Bottle 750ml

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This fun, lightweight Pistachio Cheeki drink bottle is the perfect addition to any lunch box. This bottle is designed to meet the lifestyle of women, men and kids. These drink bottles are eco friendly and are made with safe premium food grade materials that are strong and durable. Your Cheeki bottles are designed to be with you for life. They are totally leak proof sealed with silicone which means no plastic ever needs to touch your water again. Car cup holder friendly. Made to refill and reuse for a lifetime of safe usage.  

  • This product comes with a Cheeki Lifetime Warranty.
  • These bottles are totally leak proof.
  • Silicone seals means no plastic ever needs to touch your water again. 
  • Lids have quick twist and soft silicone close.
  • Cup holder friendly.
  • Hand wash bottle. Dishwasher friendly lid. Freezing not recommended.

If you have a brand new bottle and are excited to take your first slurp make sure to wash all parts with warm soapy water, rinse well, fill it with your favourite drink and enjoy. Fast forward a couple of weeks of loving your bottle and taking it everywhere... Follow Cheeki's eco friendly house keeping tips.

Step 1: Give your Bottle Some Daily Love

Brush the inside of your bottle regularly with a small bottle brush and water.

Step 2: Weekly Scrub Down

If the inside of your bottle is starting to look, feel or smell of anything other than stainless steel or you notice any discolouration you may like to try one of these options on a weekly basis.

Regular white vinegar is excellent for removing staining and cleaning the inside of your products.  Shake a couple of tablespoons of household white vinegar around the inside of your product and leave for a couple of minutes.  Rinse well. 

Rinse the inside with water to “wet” the metal. Sprinkle a little salt onto a bottle brush and gently rub the salty brush on the inside of your bottle. Rinse well. 

Squeeze half a lemon into your empty bottle. Use your bottle brush to rub the lemon juice against the inside of your bottle. Rinse well. 

Mix two heaped tablespoons of baking soda with warm water. Paste this onto your bottle brush and rub against the inside of your bottle.  If stains are particularly stubborn leave the baking soda mixture in your bottle over night. Rinse well.

Step 3: Tuck it in at Night

Store your empty Cheeki bottles upside down with their lids off to ensure they do not smell stale when you need them next.

Or fill them with your drink and leave in the fridge over night with the lid off for perfectly chilled drinks the next day.