Earths Purities Active Body Deodorant Powder 50g

Earths Purities Active Body Deodorant Powder 50g

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A multipurpose deodorant powder for active bodies. Designed to be used on underarms, groin, feet, bottom and folds of the body - use anywhere that needs to remain dry and odour free. This all-natural deodoriser will neutralise odours and absorb wetness on all parts of the body. Featuring sweet orange and cedar-wood essential oils for a fresh scent. Great for sensitive skin as it contains no bicarbonate soda and packaged in a perfectly sized 100% recyclable and compostable packaging, that can be taken on the go.


Australian Bentonite clay, food grade diatomaceous earth, Non-nano zinc oxide, bergamot essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, cocos nucifera extract (coconut) and cedar-wood essential oil.

Tips and How to

To use: Simply remove sticker from the top and shake onto fingertips. Apply to areas needing moisture control and deodorising such as armpits, groin, feet, bottom and skin folds. Apply after a shower or even after exercising to freshen up.

Do not apply to areas with rash or broken skin. If irritation occurs, please remove with water and discontinue use.