Ever Eco Organic Cotton Mixed Set Produce Bags 4 Pack

Ever Eco Organic Cotton Mixed Set Produce Bags 4 Pack

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Your shopping trip will say a lot about your values with these stunning organic cotton produce bags. They are perfect to use in place of disposable plastic bags when shopping for fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, bulk goods and bakery treats. This set includes the best of both worlds with 2 netted bags and 2 muslin bags. The tare weight of each bag is conveniently located on the tag while a sturdy drawstring allows secure closure for your items.

  • 2 x muslin bags & 2 x net bags
  • Our large bags offer plenty of space for all of your goodies (approx 30 x 40cm)
  • Made from premium, unbleached GOTS certified organic cotton
  • The tare weight of each bag is stated on the tag
  • Machine washable

Creative uses for your produce bags.

Eliminate the “brown bag” by packing your lunch in a medium or large size produce bag, and it’ll be a mid-day meal worth savouring! Reusable produce bags are light and flexible, perfect for storing a healthy, homemade lunch in your backpack, purse, or car. Smaller snacks like carrots, celery, pretzels, or cookies are perfect in the x-small bag, so you can dump those zip lock plastic bags.

When you shop at a bakery for fresh bread, they always pack the loaf in a paper or plastic bag for transporting it home. A muslin produce bag is perfect for that job and completely zero waste! The bread will keep well all day in the cotton bag.

Use muslin and mesh produce bags to store makeup, toiletries, valuables, or even jewelry for those trips out of town.

You usually can’t fit your entire makeup or toiletry kits into such limited space when travelling, so pick out the essentials and pack them into these bags. Cotton is flexible and can easily be rolled up and stored into the corners and nooks of a suitcase or backpack, plus it keeps everything organized during travel. Larger muslin bags make great shoe bags to keep your clean clothes protected from dirty soles.