Ever Green Stainless Steel Lock A box

Ever Green Stainless Steel Lock A box

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The Lock A box provides a healthy way to store and carry your food. The lock A box is perfect for those looking for a simple stainless steel lunchbox and for items such as Salad, Wraps, Sushi, Fruit, Veggies, Rice. It comes complete with a Large Snacker tin inside that is ideal for snacks like Nuts & Seeds, fresh or dried Fruit, Veggies, Boiled Eggs, Cheese, Dips & Sauces. Take it to the office, beach, school, playground, picnic or your next camping trip… The Lock-a-Box is built to last and ready for all of life’s little adventures!

    • Stainless Steel Snack Tin with roller to lock lid down
    • Snacker Large to separate the snacks, dips or sauces from the rest
    • Plastic Free
    • Dishwasher Safe
    • Reusable
    • Zero Waste Friendly
    • Sustainable
    • Non Toxic
    • BPA Free
    • Not suitable in microwave
    • Not 100% leakproof


Lock A Box 

  • Dimensions - Length 18.5 cm x Width 13.5cm x Height 5cm


Snacker Large

  • Dimensions - Length 12.7cm x Width 6.5cm x Height 4.3cm

When not in use, 'Tare it up' and use at your local Bulk Bin Store. 

Lock A Box Tare weight - 328g

Large snacker tare weight - 127g