Evergreen Coconut Bowl

Evergreen Coconut Bowl

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These Evergreen Handcrafted Coconut Bowls made from discarded coconut shells are perfect for  smoothies bowls, nicecream, soups, salads, curries, oatmeal, wraps, dips, veggies, fruit, kale chips... You name it! The bowls are heat resistant meaning you can eat both hot and cold from these beauties.  Made entirely from coconut shells, they're 100% natural, bio-degradable & compostable. Let your coconut bowl guide you to more mindful eatingI don't really know what that is exactly - but something happens when you eat out of a coconut bowl. A tighter, closer, bound with nature maybe? 

External and Internal - Naturally polished coconut shell

Diameter 12cm - 15cm. Height 6cm.

Due to the nature of coconuts the dimensions given are an approximation as every coconut is unique in size and shape

Clean with a soft cloth

Avoid the dishwasher

Avoid letting the bowls sit in water for an extended period of time

Polish with virgin coconut oil (or an oil of your choice) every 10 or so uses to restore your coconut bowls smooth and shiny surface, while resealing it's pores. Because coconut bowls are a product of nature, their durability cannot always be predicted. Ensure you give them some love and care.