Hannahpad Reusable Sanitary Pad - Ultra Pad

Hannahpad Reusable Sanitary Pad - Ultra Pad

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This Hannahpad  printed in Carnation Black is a washable and reusable sanitary solution. This product is TOXIN FREE - and does not contain chemicals such as bleach, dioxin, fragrances and formaldehyde which = a healthier you! The Hannahpad is lightweight, extremely soft and durable. Made with 100% organic cotton internal top layer and external water proof coating. The wings are designed to snap fasten around the base of your underwear and silicone dots added to the outer patterned layer to enhance the grip to ensure there is no room for leakage. 

HannahPad is an Eco friendly option with top sheet and internal layers compostable and biodegradable when it's time to retire the pads and with a 2 - 3 year lifespan, meaning less waste in landfills and waterways, healthier on your body and the money savings in the long run are endless.


Overnight pad is printed in Carnation Black.

Ultra Overnight is perfect for managing a heavy flow. Can be worn day or night and especially great when lounging at home or for bedtime to sleep comfortably and feel protected through the night.

1. Place hannahpad over the inside of your underwear, pattern facing down. 

2. Fold the wings over the gusset of your underwear and fasten using the snaps. 

Note: The organic cotton beige side sits against your skin NOT the floral pattern side.