Noosa Basics Scalp Serum 50ml

Noosa Basics Scalp Serum 50ml

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Do you want longer hair quick? Hair falling or balding?

This Ayurvedic blend of well known oils to help stimulate hair growth has been proven to make your hair healthier and longer when used regularly. Unique combination of carefully selected organic oils that promote blood circulation and strengthen the roots of your hair. Castor oil has been known as a natural alternative to promote hair growth for thousands of years. It is packed with fatty acids and nutrients and contains antibacterial and anti fungal properties that promote a healthy scalp.


Pumpkin Seed Oil*, Castor Oil*, Grapeseed, Jamaican Black Castor Oil*, Essential Oils of Rosemary*, Peppermint*, Thyme, Cedarwood and Spikenard. *Certified Organic 

How to

Apply on the scalp and massage well until blood circulation is restored, leave on for 1-2 hours, preferably overnight. Shampoo, rinse and style as usual. Repeat the treatment 1-2 times a week.


Treatment works better on damp hair. Install chlorine filter in your shower and use cold or lukewarm water when washing your hair.

Handcrafted in Noosa - Australia in small batches on a weekly basis to ensure freshness. We use organic, raw materials sourced from Australian suppliers.