Peppermint Oil 25ml Thursday Plantation

Peppermint Oil 25ml Thursday Plantation

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Peppermint oil is one of the most commonly used essential oils to treat headaches or migraines. It contains menthol, which can help muscles relax and ease tension associated with headaches.


A headache is one of the most common health-related conditions in Australia, with around 15 per cent of us taking pain-relieving medication for a headache at any given time. Nearly all of us will experience a headache during our lifetime. As we all know taking to much pain relieving medication can cause many other health issues. I personally turned to peppermint oil in my 1st pregnancy as a way of treating my headaches and I have never turned back. About 5 minutes after applying the pepping oil mixture to the forehead and temples the area starts to tingle and the pain is reduced by over half, this allowed me to get on with my day and also sleep! 

  • Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration which can cause headaches.
  • Clip a peg about 2cms in on the skin between your thumb and index finger this is a acupuncture point known to relieve the pain of a headache.
  • Put an ice pack on your neck and hands and/or feet in very warm water. Don't hurt yourself, but make the water as warm as you can comfortably stand. The ice pack on the neck can cause the blood vessels to constrict back down to normal and the warm water has the opposite effect on your hands and feet drawing blood to them and away from your neck. 
  • Headache Relief: Add 20 drops (1mL) to 10mL carrier oil and gently massage into forehead and temples to relax & ease tension headaches.
  • Soothes Cough & Cold: Adults only. Traditionally used in herbal medicine to relieve cough & cold symptoms, add 5 drops (1/4mL) to hot water and inhale.
  • ¼ teaspoons of Himalayan Pink Salt or Celtic Sea Salt
  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice
  • A glass of water (about 8oz or 250ml)
  • 1 teaspoon of raw honey (optional)


Add the lemon juice and the salt in the water, and stir well to dissolve them.

You can sweeten with honey. Drink the remedy immediately, and follow with another glass of pure drinking water. You should drink a glass of water every 10 minutes in the following half an hour, and your migraine will be gone!

Although salt retains water, Himalayan salt or Celtic sea salt rehydrate the cells, as they are rich in electrolytes, minerals, and nutrients. They will energize the body, boost immunity, alkalize the body and improve mood.

Things that you should keep in mind when choosing ingredients include that the salt should be of good quality. Pink Himalayan sea salt is a good one due to the 80 different trace minerals that it contains (including magnesium.) Eating salt quickly is proven to raise levels of serotonin. That helps to quell pain and inflammation.