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This amazingly soft swaddle comes in the most beautiful unisex rusted mustard that will make your baby, pram or baby carrier look so on-trend it's ridiculous! The Muslin is a huge 120cm x 120cm making it easy to master the art of wrapping your little one. Also perfect for mums who like to cover up when nursing. Made from 100% GOTS Cotton muslin. GOTS ensures that the organic cotton is sourced in the most ethical and sustainable ways from seed, to sew, and finally, to sleep. This muslin is lightweight & breathable while being extremely soft and gentle on your babies skin. A simple and beautiful way to swaddle a baby that would make the perfect gift for a new baby or the expecting mum. This muslin is perfectly paired with our POP YA TOT bassinet sheet.


• Huge 120cm x 120cm

• 100% GOTS Cotton Muslin

• Lightweight and breathable

• Machine washable


Here’s when a muslin wrap might just become your best friend! The muslin wrap makes the perfect swaddle. It's flexible and light so baby doesn't get overheated. Yet it's firm so they feel safe, comfortable and protected.

To swaddle, simply:

Lay out the swaddling muslin wrap in a diamond shape. Turn the top corner down about 1/4.

Lay baby on the folded corner so that the corners of the muslin branch out from baby's arms.

Hold baby's right arm down at their side. Pull the muslin over that arm, across the body.

If the muslin is much bigger than baby, roll them to the side to smooth the rest of the muslin across the back. The muslin should be tight, but they should still be able to bend their waist and always ensure their hips remain free to move!

Hold down their left arm. Pull the bottom corner up and tuck it under their left shoulder.

Bring the right corner over baby's body. Pull it taut by turning them to the side and wrapping the excess around the back.

Pram Cover

The muslin wrap is a phenomenal protection from the sun. Simply drape the muslin across baby's pram or car seat or hang it in the window of your car. Baby stays cooler while being covered from harsh UV rays. The muslin is heavy enough to stay in place despite a mild wind but light enough to avoid heat retention. Remember to ensure there is enough ventilation for your baby and leave sufficient opening. 


As baby grows, we'll find more new and fun ways to use your muslin wrap. And because they've always been there for us through those first 1-2 years for so many uses, we won't be ready to part with them as baby begins walking and beyond.

The muslin wrap will transform into our absolute favourite blanket for peek-a-boo.

Every young child needs a super hero cape. The easily accessible and light muslin wrap makes the perfect cape because it can be tucked into a young child's shirt rather than pinning or tying something dangerously around the neck.

As your baby grows, every doll in the home will need its own muslins to stay safe and warm.

During tea time, the muslin becomes a miniature table cloth or place mat.

It becomes an instant soft, clean "blanket" for elbows if your young one likes to lie on the stomach on the floor watching a movie.

On days that are too hot or stormy to play outside, we can tackle boredom by building a muslin tent fort.

The possibilities are endless. All your muslin needs is a little imagination.