POP YA TOT Fitted Bassinet sheet (WATTLE AND GUM)

POP YA TOT Fitted Bassinet sheet (WATTLE AND GUM)

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This Pop Ya Tot fitted bassinet sheet is made from 100% GOTS Cotton muslin.  GOTS ensures that the organic cotton is sourced in the most ethical and sustainable ways from seed, to sew, and finally, to sleep. It comes in a stunning Wattle & Gum unisex design that will be the perfect addition to any nursery. Made from soft, breathable and lightweight cotton it is a fully elasticised design and sized to fit a standard Australian Basinet Mattresses. Pop Ya Tot sheets are made using premium organic cotton to increase durability and minimise pilling. The bassinet sheet can also be used as a change pad cover. 

Material: 100% GOTS Muslin Cotton

Dimensions (Cot): 130cm (L) x 69cm (W)

Dimensions (Bassinet): 80cm (L) x 40cm (W)

Care and Cleaning: Gentle hand wash.

Elastic edges keep this fitted sheet secure while baby sleeps.



GOTS-certified bedding from organic cotton is created in the safest ways possible—so it’s probably no surprise that we recommend using laundry detergents in that same spirit! Be on the lookout for organic and plant-based detergents that are free from phosphates, synthetic fragrances, and dyes.

While you’ve probably always heard that hot water is your best when washing bedding, it’s better to turn the dial to cold. Hot water contributes to weakened fibres, faded colours, and shrinkage. Bonus is using cold water saves energy, meaning there’s less impact on the planet.

Line-dry indoors or out whenever you can, staying out of direct sunlight. There are lots of advantages here: not only does it reduce energy use and help bedding last longer, but also makes fabrics feel and smell fresher.