Reusable sanitary pad Wet & Dry Bag

Reusable sanitary pad Wet & Dry Bag

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This beautiful handy wet bag keeps your Hannahpads in one place as you go about your day and night. This wet/dry bag is great for storing used and unused cloth pads allowing for 2 seperate compartments. The lining is waterproof and it has a pull string for closure and in case you want to hang it somewhere or hang it from your wrist while in a public restroom. The flexible fabric makes them great for placing in your handbag, backpack or luggage for travels.

    • 2 compartments to keep pads together.
    • Waterproof lining on the inside.
    • Size: 17cm(L) X 15cm(H) X 7cm(W).

It turns out, it's the chemicals and fragrances in conventional disposables react to the menstrual blood and sweat creating the nasty odour—a sign of bacterial growth. Shocking isn't it? The first thing I noticed when I switched to Hannahpad is how there’s surprisingly little to no odour. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about any funny odour when carrying your used cloth pads around through a school day, work day or running errands, as they are folded up and placed inside a your wet bag.